Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mouche Gallery - Mick Fleetwood "Rythm of a Rose" Art Exhibition

Monday, June 18th was the grand opening of Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills.  Mouche Gallery features really cool and unique photos of rock bands, as well as photos taken by some great public figures who are also exquisite fine artists.  One of these fine artists is Mick Fleetwood known as the drummer and co-founder of the band Fleetwood Mac who presented "Rhythm of a Rose" Art Exhibition and appeared in person to support his work and the Gallery's opening night.  In his photos, Mac Fleetwood gives breath to the life of a rose.  His unique approach to photography comes from him traveling the world and observing our planet from his very unique point of view.  You can see a sample of his work here.  I highly recommend visiting Mouche Gallery and seeing the rest of the exhibition.  They have assembled a stunning collection of works and I am sure you will find other treasures while you are there.  As for me I could not resist including a photo of my favorite band here.  :)

"The world of nature is something I have always been passionate about and it has been a huge inspiration for my photographs.  The camera lens is like a magic window that transports me into a secret world.  In that world I observe shapes and details that I might not generally see even though the subjects are right before my eyes. I am fascinated by the intricate structure and design found in nature, and through my photography I hope to unveil this invisible world that sometimes goes unnoticed."  -Mick Fleetwood 

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